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During the Autumn and Winter every Wednesday night we will be hosting different themed evenings. These range from Glorious Games, Creative Curries, Phenomenal Pies to the brilliance of the Quirky Quiz....

If you would like to book a table please call us on 01643 851455 or Email 

What’s happening in Winsford at the Royal Oak - lots of lovely food and excuses to celebrate mid week in the winter / Spring months. 


Wednesday 6th March 2024 – Pie Night

Chefs Pie Night - much celebrated and looked forward to by many of our regular guests - from Venison & Woodland Mushroom, Chicken & Tarragon, Fish Pie, Roasted Vegetables & Creamy Leeks, Chicken Curry Pie ( seriously)  to the infamous Royal Oak Steak & Exmoor Ale pie.... lots of choices, hearty food loved by many - come and see why - they are fabulous !

Please book with us to make sure we have a table for you :

Wednesday 13th March --- Italian Night 


We are letting Chef lose with his Italian imagination!  We will of course have our fabulous Pizza and Tagliatelli but throw into that Meatballs, Cannelloni, Lasagna, and he is throwing a lot of words like Ricotta, Zucchini and Gelato - so we are all very excited in the team here to taste some of the fabulous food we are sure he will put on the menu.


Please book with us to make sure we have a table for you :

Wednesday 20th March  - Curry Night


Chef Harding Curry specials - these are adored by as many people now as the Pie Night !  Lovely spicy and not so spicy curries, veggie as well as meat ones and poppadoms!   Book early to make sure we have a table for you


Please book on

Wednesday 27th March  - Quiz Night


The amazing Chamberlain team and working their way through the back catalogs of many artists, their old record collections, their tape collections, CD collections.... ( I did point out that Spotify might help but was quickly shut down !!)   Anyway its all starting to come together to be a great night of music knowledge testing over goodness knows what period but a lot of fun for all.  We will have teams of 4 to 6 - so book yourself in either as a team or we can add you to a table already booked.  We will put together some snack food to keep you going- will update on this website soon

Please book on


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