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During the Autumn and Winter every Wednesday night we will be hosting different themed evenings. These range from Glorious Games, Creative Curries, Phenomenal Pies to the brilliance of the Quirky Quiz....

If you would like to book a table please call us on 01643 851455 or Email 

What’s happening in Winsford at the Royal Oak



Wednesday 15th November - Pie Night

Our amazing Chef will create once again his wonderful pie menu with a range from Exmoor Steak & Ale shortcrust proper pie to scrumptious fish pie filled with loads of lovely fish and topped with buttery mashed potato.  Our pies are truly beautiful 

Wednesday 22nd November - Games Night

Games night which proved so very popular last winter will be playing again at the Royal Oak – with Scrabble, Dominoes, Monopoly, Playing Cards, Backgammon and Chess – or anything else you would like to suggest.  Let us know you are coming. 

Wednesday 29th November – Thai Curry Night

We all love a curry so have had fun with Chef recreating some beautiful Thai curries.  From Thai Green Curry to Pad Thai there will be various meat, fishy and veggie options available. 

Wednesday 13th December - Quiz Night
The Chamberlain quiz masters will be in full elf outfits for this quiz night.  We are all looking forward to this – as before up to 36 people and you aren’t allowed to participate unless you are festively dressed.  The quiz will obviously be around the theme of Christmas – can’t wait for this one! Email and book a table now – this will be the hot ticket of the season!

Wednesday 20th December - Curry Night

Chef will be providing us with the lovely curries he has been developing – yummy curry, poppadum, chutneys and perhaps even a little Christmas twist… with turkey curry on the menu this evening.  Send us an e-mail and book a table now.

Sunday 31st December – New Year Party – Feathers & Flares

Dig around the dressing up box, ask a friend but find a pair of flares or a feather boa ( or both – and yes the Bay City Rollers were this era) and come and join us for our 70’s retro new year party.  We will be playing 70’s music and for those uninhibited amongst us there will be a karaoke machine in the event room where you can throw out some 70’s tunes in true Exmoor style.  (Or just stay in the bar with the lovely fire and local banter!)

We will have a buffet of fabulous food with a massive hint to the 70’s including pineapple and cheese sticks, vol au vents, sausage rolls and many other things which Chef Harding is planning.  Do come along and join us £16.00 per ticket which includes a little glass of bubbles at midnight as well as our retro food, disco and karaoke.  You know you want to!!

Wednesday 10th January 2024 – Pie Night

And breathe… it’s the beginning of 2024 and the weather is just turning yucky and the snow hasn’t quite arrived.  The fire is lit and the candles are burning.  Come and join us for the first pie night of the year! 

Wednesday 17th January 2024 – Curry Night

Back due to popular request Chef Harding’s curries which are absolutely fabulous.  Lots of choice, mild to so very hot, great flavours and just yummy.  Come and try them.

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