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The highest quality home made food using only the best locally sourced ingredients

We only use locally sourced fresh produce, and if it’s at all possible to make it ourselves – we do! - including all sauces, desserts, breads and ice creams.

We fully comply with Food regulations which require us to be able to identify any of the 14 known allergens that may be present in any of our menu dishes if we are asked to do so.


If any of our menu items contain nuts then it will be clearly stated in the item description, but all dishes are prepared and cooked in an environment where nuts may be, or may have been present. When booking please make us aware of any food preferences, allergies or intolerances and we’ll do our utmost to cater for all needs.

For your info 

If you wish to bring your own wine we make a charge of £25.00 per bottle - please ask for further details.

We leave the tipping/service charge completely down to you for all tables up to 6 people.  More than 6 people we will charge a 10% service charge which will be added automatically to your bill

  If you bring your own cake or other food this must be requested in advance.  If this food is served within the hotel and its curtilage there is a charge of £3.50 per head. 

All responsibility for the food brought into the premises is completely yours with the Royal Oak Winsford Limited not taking any responsibility for its source, allergy or intolerance risks - we take a lot of time to ensure the food safety of our customers so please ensure if you decide you must bring food onto our premises that you are also aware of the risk and potential lethal impact of bringing in your own..

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