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Pie Menu – All £18.50

For the pastry pies we use short crust pastry which we blind bake, add the fillings and then hand finish the pies with a short crust lid and bake in the oven.  We serve these pies with the mashed potato of your choice or triple cooked chips if that tickles your fancy

For the mashed potato topped pies we make the filling with all the fresh herbs and natural ingredients we can and finish off when you order with the mashed potato of your choice


Short crust pastry pies


Steak & Exmoor Ale Pie

We slow cook chunks of steak in the fabulous local Exmoor Ale to get a deeply infused flavour. Braising the steak makes is deliciously soft and tender. Our best-selling pie … truly gorgeous!


Chicken & Tarragon Pie

An explosion of delicious flavours, our chicken and tarragon pie combines simple ingredients to create a pie that tastes simply scrummy. Full to the crust with chunks of chicken, leeks and the fabulous tarragon flavours.  This is fabulous so very tasty.


Chicken Curry Pie

Gently fried onions with garlic, ginger and spices to create the base of the flavours. We then add chicken to the sauce together with tomato puree and spinach which give the sauce its sweetness. Just proper pie with chicken and curry –so very delicious!

Vegetable Pie

 Short crust pastry pie filled to the top with butternut squash, spinach, goat’s cheese, walnuts and leeks – delicious served with a wild mushroom sauce and choice of mashed potato


Pies with mash on top  


Fish Pie

Scrumptious, delicious, creamy tastes of the ocean…. Yep fish beautiful fish pie lots of fish including pollock, cod, prawns in a creamy sauce topped with your choice of mashed potato


Shepherd’s Pie,

 The choice for a tasty easy cosy scrummy just lush warming pie – as it says minced lamb pie with carrots, peas and onions in a rich gravy topped with your choice of mashed potato. 


The Mash

Simple plain creamy mash

Chive mash

Wholegrain mustard mash

Cheesy mash

Horseradish mash


All Served With Seasonal Vegetables

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